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Kitesurfing school by Tendance Kite

For the pleasure of sliding !!!

Our school proposes kitesurfing courses and lessons for all levels with certified instructor.


Serving you since 2013 !


explanation of the instructions during the kitesurfing lesson

Kite sessions / 4 h
from 100 euros

rent your equipment during student kite courses

Rental / 4h
from 80 euros

enjoy supervised navigation while a loved one learns to kitesurf

Supervised navigation / 4h
from 40 euros


learning kitesurfing at the top

4 students per session max

  • 1 individualized radio per person

  • 1 wing per person

  • 2 to 3 hours of practice in the water


The kitesurfing lessons are led by Xavier Dumas , a state-certified instructor, who has been teaching kitesurfing since 2010.

Xavier is also a PE teacher.

Other sports activities taught :

  • Sailing (BP sailing)

  • Sea kayak

A little word of the instructor:

"What I enjoy most about teaching kitesurfing is seeing the trainees progress from hour to hour!"



Exceptional, isolated and dedicated to the practice of kitesurfing


To access the spot and ensure security

Car park

Large parking for easy access

Shallow waters

In an ideal and safe environment for learning


Hot shower and changing room, comfort after exercise


One radio and one channel per trainee for personalized instructions

  • What to wear for a Kitesurfing session?
    To make the most of your session we recommend planning: - a swimsuit and a towel - a gourd or bottle of water - sunscreen - a pair of sunglasses that are not too fragile.
  • What equipment for a kitesurfing session?
    The school will provide you with all the necessary materials for the session: - neoprene wetsuit and slippers - helmet - vest - harness A radio will also be provided to you so that the instructor can guide you throughout the session. If you have your own equipment, you can bring it and use it during the course.
  • At what age can you start kitesurfing?
    It's more a question of weight than age, however you must weigh at least: - 45 kilos for group lessons - 35 kilos for a private lesson Beyond weight and age, you must above all be comfortable in the water and know how to swim.
  • Is insurance compulsory?
    Yes, insurance is compulsory because kitesurfing is considered a risky sport. It may happen that your insurance covers you in the context of your personal practice, however, it will not cover you for practice within a structure. It is therefore mandatory to have Civil Liability Insurance. It is strongly recommended to take out Individual Accident insurance with our partner AF KITE. The insurance contract offered by AFKITE is for a period of 12 months WITHOUT tacit renewal, it is therefore up to you to renew your AFKITE contribution and your insurance each year. This insurance is valid even if you practice kitesurfing in another kite school. See Registration Form
  • How do I book my lesson or course?
    You have 2 options to make your reservation: - Online -> Reservation 1. Select your plan 2. Make the reservation You pay online or on site during your first lesson. - By telephone -> Contact You will then need to complete the Registration Form .
  • What day of the week do classes or internships start?
    There is no specific day of the week to start your kitesurfing course or course. You can start any day of the week depending on the organization of your kitesurfing trip. The school is open every day of the week, even on Sundays and public holidays :-).
  • What are the payment options available?
    The following payment methods are accepted: - Credit card - Cash
  • Capricious weather, too much or no wind, how is it going?
    Kitesurfing lessons are carried out and charged only if the weather conditions are good. In the event of cancellation, you will not be charged for the lessons, they will be postponed to the following day or refunded in the event of departure.


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