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The school offers kitesurfing courses and lessons from beginner to expert !!!

Above all ………….. be in a good health!!!

A medical certificate is required for anyone over 59 years old. 

For group kitesurfing lessons, you must weight at least 45 kilos and for private lessons, the minimum weight is 35 kilos.


Kitesurfing lessons are given in groups of 3 or 4 people maximum, so that we can adapt to each person's level.

Group Kitesurfing Lessons

  • Monitored by radio, according to your expectations and objectives

  • Adapted to your sporting skills and weather conditions.

Sessions last 4 hours and include preparation, transport by boat to the spot and sailing:

  • Morning from 9am to 1pm

  • Afternoon from 2pm to 6pm

Private Kitesurfing Lessons

 From 6pm to 8pm

  • Recommended for people who need the instructor's full attention

  • Recommended for a coaching session on a particular movement or a new board sport (surf, strapless, foil.....)

  • The session lasts 1 hour of practice in the water, plus 30 minutes of boat travel and instruction.

  • Group lessons have priority over private lessons....


Insurance is compulsory to take part in a kitesurfing course!


Discovery Trend (1 session)

  • Discovery of traction wings and the flight window

  • Discovery of traction wings and the flight window

  • Discovery of piloting (takeoff and landing)

  • Use of the safety system – Towed swimming

kitesurfing lessons

Trend Initiation (2 sessions)

  • Navigate by towed swimming

  • WaterStart

  • First Glide

  • Manage your security/practice space

kitesurfing course

Trend Evolution (3 sessions)

  • First edge

  • Manage your speed (border/shock management)

  • Notion of gaits (taking care)

  • Sailing rules (priorities)

kitesurfing school

Sliding Trend (4 sessions)

  • Slide on both sides

  • Stop precisely

  • Start of upwind

  • Adjust your kite

kitesurfing course 4th session

Escape Trend (5 sessions)

  • Choose your material/wind

  • Manage the different gaits (near, across, reach)

  • Transition (change of tack)

  • Self rescue

autonomy in kitesurfing school

Kite and Furious trend

  • Jibe

  • Leap

  • Rotation

  • Strapless

  • Foil

  • etc...

Improvement kitesurfing course
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